Why I choose to start a blog?

   Why I choose to start a blog in 2017 when there is to many professional bloggers.Well I can be useful to.During the day I’m thinking to much about to many things.Things about architecture (I’m a architectural girl) things about my home (I’m from province) and far far from home.The followed by is heartbroken actually.You are down emotionally.Any way than is not the main idea for now to share with you as my first blog.

 I would like to describe myself a little bit. I am a bulgarian girl graduate from architectural/design school.After the graduation I decide to move from Bulgaria and settle in London to start a new life.

So here I am.Nearly two years I am in London but what is it like to be in London?Well for first expression everything was just so amazing.As an architectural girl my feelings were to looking in every single detail.I will tell about my first visit later on on my blog.


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