Hypersurface Architecture

Architecture is connected to everyday life.

Hypersurface is an emerging architectural condition that is effected through an intertwining of often opposing realms of language and matter into irresolvable complexities tat create middle-out conditions. Hypersurface is a reconsideration of often relationships existing in the environment.These binaries include:image/form, inside/outside, structure/ornament, ground/edifice and so forth.

  Hypersurfaces are generated in the problematic relationships that occur when binary categories conjugate because each is infused within the other.

AntiTRANSCENDENTal defections

In mathematics, a hypersurface is a surface in hyperspace, but in the context of this journal the mathematical term is existentialised.The proper mathematical meaning of the term hypersurface is discussed here as being challenged by an inherintly subversive dynamic within capitalism.

 Situated in this newly prepared context, hypersurface comes to define a new condition of human agency.Instead of meaning higher in an abstract sense, ‘Hyper’ means altered.


Hypersurface is an effect that ocurs within the interface between two hitherto disparate trajectories of culture:in this case the division between the aesthetic culture and academic discourse of architecture as distinct from the operations and machinations of everyday consumer culture.

This article is short example of my thesis which describes Hypersurface Architecture inspired from ”HYPERSURFACE ARCHITECTURE” by Stephen Perrella.


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