Operative Architecture

On the operative level, the computer gets used for moddeling in a pre-defined geometric way.That is implemented geometric operations of the software context in order to deform the classical formal language of architecture by means of controlled transformations what distinguishes the operative from the representative is the type of geometric operations used for modeling,for example the concatenation of circular segments in the process of modeling the frame structure of the water pavilion by Lars Spuybroek.

Water Pavilion


Without a computer,such operations were not used widely in architecture because of the inherent increase of geometric complexity which limits the ability to handle them in an efficient way by means of drawing as well as imagination.In the case of the operative,it is the computational power of the computer that opens up a new field of geometric possibilities in modeling.This gets obvious in the architectural use of the curvilinear language of contemporary Cad softwares, the NURBS-geometry, like in the kunsthaus Graz by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier or the design of the restaurant in the centre Pompidou by Jacob and Macfarlance.




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