following your dreams?

It’s not what it’s look like.At least not all the time.When I look back to the years did I reach my dreams?How many of them I made my own decisions?In the middle of this years I start to question my steps that I took and I think I am strugling right now but I believe I will be ok for the next months.

Couple of months ago when I was reorganise my studio I found short list of places I want to visit in London before even it was not mentioned in my life.Seriously it was a big dream for me to see Regent’s Park or to visit Piccadilly Circus or to see glorious Covent Garden or even Kensington Palace. It was a dream list.Suddenly I realised that I visit all of them,every single one of them and just put tick to every line that I vanted to visit, it was done check list.

After the done check list now I made a new check list and stick to the mirror.I am whatch in it every time in front of the mirror.To the done check list 🙂


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